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Laws and Constitution of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland:

1.    The title of the Society shall be The Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland. The object of the Society shall be the promotion of the study of statistics, jurisprudence, and social and economic science.
2.    The Society shall consist of Ordinary Members, Group Members and Honorary Members.
3.    Applications for Ordinary and Group Membership shall be addressed to the Honorary Secretaries who shall consult with the President and then decide on the applications. The Honorary Secretaries shall subsequently inform the Council of such applications at the next meeting.
4.    A Group Member may be any corporate body or unincorporated association. A Group Member shall have the privilege of nominating two representatives to attend all ordinary meetings. Each representative shall be entitled to vote.
5.    The Council is empowered to recommend persons for election as Honorary Members.  Persons thus recommended may be elected by a resolution of the Society.
6.    Ordinary and Group Members shall pay a yearly subscription. This sum shall include the subscription for the Journal of the Society. The subscription becomes due on the 1st October in each year and is payable in advance. Ordinary Members may compound for life for their annual subscription by a single specified payment. No Ordinary Member shall be entitled to any of the privileges of the Society or to vote at any meetings of the Society while his or her subscription is unpaid. No subscription shall be payable by Honorary Members. Subscriptions shall be determined from time to time by the Council and any proposed alteration shall be ratified by a resolution passed at an Ordinary Meeting of the Society.
7.    The Officers of the Society shall consist of a President, not more than eight Vice-Presidents, an Honorary Treasurer and three Honorary Secretaries who, together with fourteen other Ordinary Members of the Society, shall constitute the Council.
8.    Eight members of the Council, in addition to those who retire under Law 10, shall retire each year and shall be eligible for re-election without nomination. The retiring members of the Council shall be those who are most senior in membership of the council by reference to the latest date of election of each member of the Council. In the event of equal seniority, the member or members who shall retire shall be decided by agreement or by lot. At an ordinary meeting of the Society normally to be held in the month of May in each year, vacancies on the Council shall be filled by election. Notice of such election shall be given by the Honorary Secretaries to each member of the Society not less than 21 days before such meeting, and none but Members shall vote at such meeting. Any Member wishing to nominate a candidate for election under this Law, who has previously obtained the consent of such person, shall forward the name of the candidate to the Honorary Secretaries not less than ten days preceding such meeting.
9.    Immediately following the election of Council members at the ordinary meeting of the Society held each year under Law 8, the Members of the Society shall elect a Member of the Council as President of the Society, and from the remaining Members of the Council they shall elect the Honorary Officers of the Society.
10.    In the case of the death or resignation of an Officer or other Member of the Council, the Council may appoint a Member to supply his or her place until the next annual election. The Council shall have power at any time to co-opt a member to fill a casual vacancy on the Council, but the total number of members of the Council shall not at any time exceed the maximum number fixed under Law 7. Any member so appointed shall hold office until the next annual election and shall then be eligible for re-election.
11.    The President shall preside at all meetings of the Council and of the Society, but in his or her absence, the Vice-President who is the senior of those present in continuous membership of the Council shall preside. In case no Vice-President is present, the member of the Council present who is senior in membership of that body shall preside.
12.    The Government of the Society and the management of its funds shall be vested in the Council, and the Honorary Treasurer shall make payments as approved by the Council.
13.    The Council shall meet whenever summoned by the Honorary Secretaries of the Society on the instructions of the President, or on a requisition in writing signed by any three Members of the Council. Five members shall form a quorum, and the President shall have a casting vote. Procedure at meetings of the Council shall be determined by the Council.
14.    The business of the Society shall include the reading at the ordinary meetings of the Society, of written communications upon subjects connected with statistics, jurisprudence, and social and economic science, and of the discussion of the same. The Society shall also engage in such other activities as in the opinion of the Members tend to promote its object as defined in Law 1. No communication shall be read before the Society involving topics likely to produce discussions connected with religious differences or party politics.
15.    The Council may print and publish in such form as it may approve any of the papers read before the Society, and such other material as it may direct, including excerpts from discussion on such papers. It shall be a condition precedent to the reading of a paper that the copyright of such paper shall vest in the Society and shall become the property of the Society.
16.    No communication shall be read to the Society unless one of the Honorary Secretaries shall certify to the Council that he or she considers the paper accordant with the Laws of the Society and the Council shall have approved of the reading of the paper.
17.    The Council may elect special Committees of the Society for promoting the investigation of any particular subject. The result of such investigation may be laid before the Society in such form as the Council may direct.
18.    The session shall commence in the month of September and close in the month of May, and if possible at least seven ordinary meetings shall be held in each session. If convenient, the President or a Vice-President shall read an address at either the opening or closing meeting.
19.    The Honorary Secretaries, subject to the approval of the Council, shall regulate the dates at which the ordinary meetings in each session shall be held.
20.    The Honorary Secretaries by the direction of the Council, or on a requisition in writing signed by twenty members, shall, summon an extraordinary meeting, of which at least fourteen days notice shall be given to all the members. Such notice shall contain a statement of the nature of the business to be brought before such meeting and no business other than that for which the extraordinary meeting has been called shall be transacted at such meeting. No motion shall be adopted at any extraordinary meeting unless by a majority representing three-quarters of those present and voting.
21.    No motion shall be brought forward at any ordinary meeting of the Society unless notice of the intention to propose such motion shall have been given by an Ordinary Member to the Honorary Secretaries at least fourteen days before such meeting. The Honorary Secretaries shall notify members of such motion not less than three days before such meeting.
22.    Subject to these Laws, procedure at ordinary meetings shall be determined by the members present, but all contested elections at such meetings shall be by ballot of the members present. Ballot procedure shall be determined by the Council.
23.    The financial year shall end on the 30th September in each year, and a statement of accounts shall be laid by the Honorary Treasurer before the Council in November or as soon as possible thereafter.
24.    The Honorary Treasurer's account shall be audited by a professional auditor selected by the Council.
25.    An audited statement of accounts shall be presented by the Council to the Society at the ordinary meeting of the Society held each year under Law 8.
26.    The foregoing shall be the Laws of the Society, subject to alteration from time to time by resolution passed at two consecutive meetings of the Society. No resolution for a change in the Laws shall be considered at any meeting of the Society, save after notice given as provided by Law 21.
27.    Any reference in these Laws to Member(s) shall be deemed to refer to Honorary Member(s), Group Member(s) and Ordinary Member(s) where the context so permits.

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